one of pause and inner grace

A path to mend the soul,

A quest for a safer place.

It begins with self-reflection,

and readiness to grow.

The will to face the fears,

And allowing the wounds to show.

It’s about learning to live freely,

with an open and loving heart

Listening to your inner voice,

And embracing a fresh new start,

I know that healing is a process,

It needs time, courage, and fight,

patience, gentleness, and grit.

and a shining guiding light

If I am to brave this journey,

Of leaving the shadows behind,

I shall one day find the light,

of a liberated heart and mind.



The House Didn’t Burn Down

My experiential.
The unspoken pending,
Peering in,

Plain scared,
Worried of judgment,
Horrified of unveiling myself,
Intimidated by the what ifs.

Letting go,
Showing myself,
Unguarded and seen.

Gut wrenching sobs,
Deep howls of pain,
Remembering the trauma,
Looking at the abuse in the face.

Asking the group to close their eyes as I opened mine,
Looking around,
The house did not burn down,
The souls in the room seemed to stand up for me.

I felt respect, love, genuine empathy emanating towards me,
My story deserves to be heard,
My words have value,
My pain is real.

Noone ran away from my bottomless sobs,
The room did not self-destruct from my pain,
And the house did not burn down.

This girl is just getting started,
She’s on fire.




Letter to self

I trust and hope that all will be the way that all should be. Yet, I live with this gnawing fear felt by my emotions of what suffering they will have to go through as I did. I worry that there is more that I can and should be doing.
Yet I must remember that I myself have gone through much so much pain and still feel alot of it. I must learn to embrace myself and love myself and give myself the understanding patience and kindness to be as I am and to recognize my pain and limitation.
Perhaps I will one day heal but I must be patient with myself and loving to myself and to others.




Fresh Start

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