Time To Write, Time To Share

Fresh Start
1 min readOct 25, 2022

Hello everyone,

As we have all come to learn in the journey of healing, writing and journaling our thoughts, stories, feelings etc is quite a powerful elixir.

But now it’s time to share. Share the feelings, the stories, the emotions, the pain, the hope, with others. We want to use this blog to share our individual thoughts and stories with the world.

It’s another way of finding meaning in the madness.

So join me in this next step of creating a place for all to share.

We will accept any writing relating to mental health, recovery, trauma, children, chinuch etc. We can post anonymously, or with your name.

Simply email us your articles at info@thefsrc.com and we’ll have it posted.

We will only post original content from Fresh Start alumni and staff.

Please be advised, all articles will be reviewed by our team prior to posting.

Fresh Start does reserve the right to not publish or un-publish articles at any time for any reason.



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