When living in the world of “this” we are in a state of Chanuka.

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3 min readDec 26, 2022

Chanuka is that Godly ability to create purpose, perseverance and perspective in the times of our lives with the least amount of light and warmth and at. the time of year with the least amount of light and warmth.

As life propels forward and creation marches towards our collective purpose the only way I know how to move forward is to hold onto this light of Chanuka.

It seems like many people are getting swept up in financial uncertainty. With this uncertainty I am once again invited by G-d to remember that purely material pursuits will never fulfill nor provide the inner security I crave. The only true security is to let go and to trust the process and by trust I mean to be certain. I mean to be Batuach (bitachon) that I need to only do my piece and that G-d takes us where we need to be and right now my place is right here in this. It’s a cold night. The light is dim. Yet we dream and hope. Dream & hope for our children, for our futures, for the world, for global inner peace. There is so much unrest yet there is an undercurrent of healing and peace.

“The spirit of G-d hovers upon the waters.” This passuk refers to a time of chaos. It’s at these times where we can sense the hovering if we know how. There is a sense of a return to health, return to spiritually, and return to a more primal yet more elevated human being. One who is conscious of the Power that lies within and a humanity that finally buys into teamwork and cohesion. One who understands the somatic wisdom of the body.

Somehow it feels crazy but it also doesn’t feel so far off. Humanity is craving for these chanuka values of purpose, perspective and perseverance.

Hashem , it’s written in the seforim that tonight is a time of return to our higher Selves. Pls grant me that return and the expansiveness that must consequently come from being connected to a place of Infinity. Pls allow me to feel secure and connected to you despite there being elements of uncertainty in my life right now. I choose to remember all the challenging times of past and how You’ve always expanded my world.

Pls for the benefit of my family and the generations that depend it. Pls give us the expansion we so desperately feel we need. I also want to thank you that this is the space I am craving expansion from. This new constriction is the space of an old contraction. It’s not lost on me how much progress has been made through Your hashgacha. Pls help me stay in this space, pls help me and my family stay in a space of Zos of “this”. This moment, this life; thishome, this everything. To live in this and to appreciate the beauty of this moment and to live in the beauty of this world while simultaneously envisioning more for this world and being totally comfortable in thelay paradoxical headspace. To find the satisfaction and purpose in completion of my day to day tasks. Zos chanuka, this is the prayer of Chanuka 5783.

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