They keep telling me to ground myself, to feel my feet on the ground, to recognize that the earth is supporting me!

why would I want to feel grounded in this sad and painful world?! I want to be far and removed - in a happier place where pain does not exist!

I want my tears to go up to heaven where they can be seen and recognized - not to the ground and be absorbed, unheard, unseen - forgotten!!

The ground is where lifeless bodies are all resting! I don't want to feel like that anymore! I want to be able to feel my heart and my mind connected!

Perhaps, the ground is where you can plant a seed and make a new and fresh start.

I sure hope that I can do that - that the seed will actually germinate and sprout and then blossom into a beautiful tree filled with giving fruits.




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Fresh Start

Helping members of the Jewish community understand their past, to create a better future. All content is written by FSRC Alumni/Staff.